With our extensive selection of new and used tyres

You’re bound to find something to suit your needs at Richmond Valley Tyres.

We offer tyres for everything from passenger and industrial vehicles to:
  • 4WD’s
  • trucks
  • tractors
  • earth movers
  • motorcycles
  • lawn mowers
If we don’t have what you require in stock, we’ll happily order it for you. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide tyres that provide you with the optimum in safety and performance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know the correct tyre pressure for my vehicle?
Answer: The correct tyre pressure will depend on the vehicle. Manufacturers provide their recommendations in a vehicle’s owner manual, on the tyre itself, or often on a sticker that can be found on the vehicle.
  1. Why are my tyres wearing unevenly?
Answer: Many times, tyres can wear unevenly due to improper alignment or inflation. Checking your tyre pressure regularly and having your vehicle serviced, as recommended, can help avoid this issue.
  1. What are speed ratings?
Answer: A speed rating is the maximum speed a tyre can safely perform. Staying within these parameters helps ensure the tyre’s longevity as defined by the manufacturer.